Our Mission

Our Values


Welcome to the internet home of Everest Communications.  Here we hope you become acquainted with our company, our services and why we've been able to establish a foothold in the world of collaborative services.  Thank you for your interest.

It has been said that if a man does not stand for something he will fall for anything.  The same goes for companies. Ask any Everest customer and they'll tell you that what we value most is our relationships with our customers enhanced by our unwavering desire to help them meet their goals.

It is our mission to help you save time and money while increasing productivity through the use of collaborative services. We are 'provider-neutral' in our service approach seeking only to outfit your company with services that align with its goals - not those of any single organization. Put another way, the solutions we advance are solely driven by your needs.  We will nurture our service recommendations with world class customer service rooted in nearly two and a half decades of experience in the collaborative services industry.